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It's National Diabetes Month

With November being National Diabetes Month, it's a good time to educate yourself more about diabetes and if you are one of the 26 million Americans living with the disease, it's important to make sure you are taking all of the necessary precautions to maintain good health. Getting a comprehensive dilated eye exam once a year is one of those things that should be on your list. The diabetic eye disease, diabetic retinopathy, usually has no symptoms until it reaches an advanced stage but it can be detected early by an eye care professional through a comprehensive dilated eye exam. Early detection is vital for timely treatment and follow-up and diligent care can reduce the chance of severe vision loss by up to 95 percent. To learn more about diabetes and tips for preventing and managing it, you can visit the National Diabetes Education Program . Controlling your diabetes helps to reduce your risk of diabetic eye disease and to learn more about diabetic eye disease you can visit the National Eye Institute.  

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