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Is A Retina Display Phone Really Worth The Hype?

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The other day I was in the Verizon Store, with my fiance, getting him an upgraded cell phone. I have spent the last year trying to convince him it is time to get rid of the EnV from 2007 and give a newer smart phone a try. Finally 2 weeks ago, he decided to give in. When I got my Droid a little over a year ago, there was not much to think about. You had a choice of the old Droid or the new Droid, plain and simple. Now there are so many smart phones to pick from with so many different options. You have to compare screen size, camera capabilities, price and whether or not it has a "Retina Display." Wait, did that phone say it has a Retina Display? I am a COA and I have no idea what a Retina Display is! After choosing a phone. I went home to research this a little. What I discovered was Retina Displays are supposed to have the sharpest, most vibrant phone screen available today. It is marketed as having 326 ppi (pixels per inch) as opposed to the human retina which has a 300 ppi capability. This higher ppi virtually eliminates the "pixelation" effect on the screens, as can be seen by comparing the 2 examples on the right.  The image on the right has the Retina Display, while the image on the left does not. Fancy name, genius marketing, but in all reality, if the human retina can only focus on 300 ppi, is there a real need for a cell phone with a Retina Display that is better than the retina actually viewing it??? Mary Sweetman Certified Ophthalmic Assistant

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