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Infrared vision could be possible in the near future

Working with graphene, which is the world's strongest material, researchers at the University of Michigan have developed the first infrared light detector that is thin enough to be incorporated into contact lenses. Since graphene is only able to absorb about 2.3 percent of the light that hits it and it is unable to capture enough light to generate an electrical signal, the research team had to develop a new way of creating and measuring electrical signals. The result of their efforts was a device that is smaller than the fingernail on your pinky finger and has an insulating layer that fits between two sheets of graphene. In addition, this infrared detector doesn't require a cumbersome cooling system unlike other infrared detectors do because they overheat. While no prototype has been created yet, the research team does believe that their findings will not only expand an individual's way of interacting with his or her surroundings but will also have military and scientific implications as well.*

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