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Inflammation receptor linked to diabetic retinopathy

050114Researchers are lookin
Researchers are looking at the role that a receptor known as Gpr109a plays in reducing eye inflammation, which could help in treating diabetic retinopathy. Diabetic retinopathy is one of the leading causes of blindness in adults in the United States. A team of scientists discovered that removing the receptor from the retina of non-diabetic mice caused the mice to rapidly develop the symptoms associated with diabetic retinopathy, which includes inflammation, retinal cell damage and cell death. These significant indicators of the disease were 10 to 20 times higher in the eyes of these mice which points to the role this receptor plays in managing inflammation. Building upon prior evidence that shows that moderately activating the receptor in a diabetic retina restricts inflammation, the researchers are searching for the endogenous activator of the receptor on these cells to help develop a new therapeutic treatment for diabetic retinopathy. New research also shows that high dose lutein and zeaxanthin may be beneficial in supporting a healthy retina in diabetic patients. Doctors have begun recommending targeted supplements, such as VisiVite Balanced Ocular Support for their patients with diabetes and diabetic retinopathy.*

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