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He is grateful for the vision he has been able to retain.

I received the following inspiring letter this week. Dr. Paul Krawitz, President and CEO Dear Visi-vite:
I received the following inspiring letter this week. Dr. Paul Krawitz, President and CEO Dear Visi-vite: You people rate very high on my list of "heroes." About 10 yrs ago, I was diagnosed with AMD. After taking the recommended [Brand X] for about 2 yaars., I was referred to a good opthamologist as the amd was slowly getting worse. He had me try [Brand Y] and [Brand Z] eye drops for other problems. Next visit, amd was slowly getting worse. Dry in right eye and wet in left, so they did laser surgery on left eye. Dried up the wet problem, but at cost of some central vision. By now, I had read everything I could find on amd, with the help of hand held magnifiers. I even bought an expensive Merlin vision aid machine--moveable table, tv type camera and miniature tv attached. My Dad and his Sister were almost totally blind from amd in their early 80's, I was told my vision would only get worse as there was no real cure or help for amd. Luckily, I ran across literature by Visi-Vite, which made more sense to me than other articles. Not wanting to end up like Dad, I opted to try Green formula as I was an ex smoker. Have used your green for several years with no worsening of my amd so far. My opthamologist cannot believe this success and says I have set a record for success among his patients. I have gotten several peojple to use your vitamins and continue to extoll their virtues whenever I hear soomeone mention amd. I can read with right eye only by using a clip on 5x loupe on glasses. I also carry a lighted 5x hand held mag. for menues, shopping etc. I am an avid photographer and can still do this only because of your vitamins and my magnifiers, along with the digital type cameras. After several years of Visi-Vite use, I only rarely have had to use my Merlin, which has 3 to 16x mag. Hopefully I can get continued help from your vitamins for more years. If I had known of them 10 yrs ago, I could probably still drive!! I also take your multi vitamins. Can't thank you enough for your great research and products. Sincerely, James Cady (age 76) Dear James, It is incredibly gratifying for me and our research and production teams to read about the tremendous success you have had with VisiVite Eye Vitamins for macular degeneration. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us and allowing us to share them with our 25,000 readers. Dr. Krawitz*

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