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Grapes offer a "bunch" of protection against macular degeneration

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A new study suggests that eating grapes might slow down or prevent the onset of age-related macular degeneration. Researchers believe the antioxidant effects of grapes are what offer the protection. The research was conducted at Fordham University and funded by the National Eye Institute of the National Institutues of Health and the California Table Grape Commission. The study compared the influence an antioxidant-rich diet had on vision using mice to conduct the study. The mice were divided into three groups with one group receiving a grape-enriched diet, one with added lutein or just a normal diet. Researchers found that the grapes offered remarkably more protection than lutein and that the grapes offered benefit for vision even if the grapes were eaten at a young age. The study also indicated that age-related vision loss is a result of collective, oxidative damage over time. It was also noted that to achieve the benefits from eating antioxidant rich foods, they need to be consumed prior to the onset of advanced age. Reziva, Dr. Krawitz's trademarked French red grape formula, offers as much trans-resveratrol as 30 glasses of wine.

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