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Google's smart lens technology pairs with Alcon

071714Google has licensed it
Google has licensed its "smart lens" technology to Alcon for all ocular medical uses. The collaboration between the technology giant and the eye care giant will include developing a "smart lens" to address ocular conditions. The advances that Google has made in miniaturization of electronics will help Alcon in its endeavors to improve the ways in which diseases are mapped within the body. Using the "smart lens's technology, Alcon will have two main areas of focus. The first focal point will be on assisting diabetic patients by helping them to manage their disease by giving them a continual monitor of their glucose level that is a minimally invasive "smart contact lens". This lens will have a wireless connection to a mobile device and measure tear fluid in the eye. The second focal point will be on people who have presbyopia and are unable to read without glasses. Alcon seeks to develop a "smart lens" that will provide vision correction to help restore the eye's natural autofocus on near objects.  

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