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Glasses soon to be a thing of the past?

An ophthalmologist with Bar-Ilan University in Israel has invented and patented "nanodrops", which improved near and farsightedness in the corneas of pigs.

The research is being led by Dr. David Smadja. Human clinical trials will take place later this year and if successful, could eliminate the need for eyeglasses in the future. The nanodrop therapy could possibly even benefit patients who have multifocal lenses allowing people to see objects from various distances. Patients would have an app on their smartphone that would measure their eye refraction and then create a laser pattern and "laser corneal stamping" of an optical pattern onto the corneal surface of their eyes. This process has already been successfully done on fresh pig eyes. The eyedrops have a synthetic nanoparticle solution and researchers have not indicated the frequency with which the eyedrops would need to be administered in order to replace eyeglasses.*  

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