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Formula derived from computer analysis forecasts AMD

111814Researchers at Stand
Researchers at Standford University School of Medicine have developed a formula based on analyzing computer imaging data that is gathered in eye doctors' offices to determine which patients are most likely to develop the advanced form of macular degeneration. The research was documented in Investigative Ophthamology & Visual Sciences. The formula is based upon computer analysis of thousands of retinal scans of hundreds of patients' eyes and is highly accurate. This formula can accurately assess on a personalized basis whether and when a patient with even a mild form of macular degeneration will progress to the advanced state which leads to vision loss. Researchers analyzed data from 2,146 scans of 244 patients seen at Stanford Health Care over the course of a 5-year period. These patients were then followed for up to four years and the predictions were compared to actual instances where the patient progressed to the wet form of AMD. In about 60% of the cases, the forecast of progressing to the wet form within a year was indeed accurate. The results of this study do need additional follow up with a larger study using data from patients at other institutions and such a study is now underway.*

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