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Ebola virus found in Ebola survivor's eye months later

052615The American doctor (I
The American doctor (Ian Crozier) who was treated for Ebola at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta and was declared virus free returned to the hospital two months later after experiencing mild burning and light sensitivity in his eyes. Doctors tested fluid from one of his eyes and discovered that it was positive for Ebola. Testing of tear samples and the outer eye membrane, however, came back negative so there was no risk of the virus being spread. Doctors were baffled when Crozier's eye started losing it's original blue pigment and began turning green. Crozier was given steroids and an experimental antiviral agent in an attempt to treat him. While Crozier's eye eventually returned to its original pigment, doctors are unsure whether it was any of the treatments or just his own immune system that caused the reversal. The discovery of the virus in this survivor's eye highlights the huge obstacles that Ebola survivors most overcome. It is unclear how common it is for the virus to remain in the eye or how many patients suffer from vision problems because of it. There are still many unknowns regarding all of the lingering effects of the Ebola virus.*    

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