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Dry Eye Syndrome Slows Reading Rate

As if dealing with burning, irritated and weepy eyes isn't enough, dry eye sufferers may also experience a slower reading rate due to the symptoms of dry eye syndrome.

Researchers at Mount Sinai's New York Eye and Ear Infirmary recently published their study results in Optometry and Vision Science.

Researchers recruited 186 adults aged 50 and older for a study to determine the impact of dry eye on prolonged readying. 116 of the participants had significant dry eye issues and had abnormalities of the cornea due to dry eye; 39 complained of some dry eye problems but had no eye abnormalities because of it and 31 people had no dry eye symptoms.

The study results showed that the three groups had similar reading rates on a basic, out-loud reading test but differences began surfacing when participants did a silent, prolonged reading test. The first group of participants with the clinical dry eye issues read at an average of 32 fewer words per minute - 10 percent less, than the participants without dry eye.

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