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Doctors should wear a mask

Patients undergoing injections into the eye for treatment of macular degeneration or other eye conditions should request that their doctor not talk to them while performing the procedure or make sure their doctor wears a mask. Researchers found that unmasked volunteers talking over an imaginary patient spit out bacteria which could land in the eyes or on the syringe needle itself causing infection. Eye injections can lead to a serious eye infection called endophthalmitis which can result in blindness. Since injections tend to be administered frequently, possibly 1 in 200 patients end up contracting the infection. Despite the fact that eye injections aren't major procedures and are done in a doctor's office they should be considered a surgical procedure and the proper precautions should be taken by both the patient and doctor. Doctors should wear a mask or refrain from speaking during the procedure.* Elise Ervin Staff Writer

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