Doctors are our Best Customers

Doctors are our Best Customers

It is not surprising that we continue to learn of new doctors and large medical practices that now recommend VisiVite to their patients.

When a doctor comes to see me in my practice for his or her own cataract surgery or glaucoma treatment, I consider it to be the highest honor.  After all, it is the doctors who who hear my patients' feedback after their surgeries, who receive my letters regarding their patients' care, and and who best know my professional reputation..

Likewise, when doctors or medical practices recommend VisiVite eye vitamins to their own patients, or take VisiVite themselves, I consider it a similar honor. It is the doctors that know the intricacies of the science supporting our ingredients and who read our product labels with a high degree of detail. So it is not surprising to me that each week, we continue to welcome new doctors and large medical practices that recommend VisiVite to their own patients. Their reasons for choosing VisiVite dovetail perfectly with what we've written in our mission statement.

A company, just like a person, can't fake a pristine reputation. After 20 years, the Vitamin Science team has worked tirelessly to best support our customers' eye health by choosing the highest quality, name brand natural ingredients, all while being critically mindful that every VisiVite eye vitamin delivers its promised potency combined with purity from contaminants and undesired additives.

It's in our nature!

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