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Do you know these 2 facts about the Argus Bionic Eye?

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The media has been all abuzz about the 'bionic eye' and while this is extraordinary technology, it's not suited for everyone. It's important to be armed with information regarding the Argus® II Retinal Prosthesis System because misconceptions are common. Fact 1 - The Argus® II is not an electronic replacement for the whole eye; no such device exists. It is actually a three-part device that involves surgically implanting a small electronic device on the retina. The patient must wear a special pair of glasses which have a camera and a video-processing unit mounted on them. The camera takes in images, the video processor processes them and then the patient's retina receives the processed images. The patient's brain interprets the images. Fact 2 - The Argus® II is made for patients who have little to no vision due to advanced retinitis pigmentosa are candidates for the device. A thorough medical screening is needed to determine if any other medical conditions prevent the patient from getting the implant. Patients also need to be aware that the Argus® II does not restore complete vision. Only black-and-white vision is restored with limited detail vision. Generally, people with severe macular degeneration lose the very center of vision, while maintaining intact peripheral or side vision. While the Argus® II does not yet offer benefit for these people, it does offer hope that similar technology may one day be helpful.*

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