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Do ocular patients favor Universal Health Care?

mcarelogoWe sent an email surv

We sent an email survey to our subscribers about their health insurance, and the answers were surprising.

Not unusual for a group of people who are concerned about their vision, over 60% were insured by Medicare. And while 38% had other insurance, approximately 1 in every 70 people had no health insurance whatsoever, despite the mandates of Obamacare.

But here is where things got interesting.

In countries with universal health care, people pay via their taxes and do not pay the doctors themselves. Doctors earn their income directly from the government. And yet with Medicare, which is as close as the U.S. government has come to universal health care for the elderly, people sometimes had to pay significant amounts of money at their medical visit. Just look at the results below: While Medicare pays the lion's share of health care costs for people 65 and older, and while a majority of our subscibers enjoy that luxury - including payments for expensive macular degeneration drugs - they continue to distrust that the government can do a good job for the rest of country. Just look at these results of 300 people who responded:

Do you think America would be better off with all health care provided by the government rather than private insurance companies?

To all the presidential candidates: Take note.*

-- Paul L Krawitz, M.D., President and Founder Vitamin Science, Inc.

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