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Clinical study to begin for post-op cataract injection

Imprimis Ph

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Imprimis Pharmaceuticals will being a clinical study in Canada to test the safety and efficacy of their Dropless TriMoxi.

The study will enroll 200 bilateral cataract surgery patients to compare the Dropless TriMoxi to traditional eye drop therapy. The Dropless Therapy® is a compounded antibiotic and steroid formulation that is available in a single, injectable intraocular dose vial. Current post-operative protocol following cataract surgery involves applying eye drops hundreds of times, which can be burdensome for patients and often times results in non-compliance, which then leads to post-operative complications. Previous studies have found that patients using the Dropless Therapy® had fewer medication compliance issues, and no post-op complications. In addition, there was a greater cost savings for the patients as well as time savings for both patients and doctors.*

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