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Carrots' carotenoids contribute to eye health

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Data from a population survey was analyzed by a Harvard University led team. The study tracked more than 100,000 patients aged fifty years and older over a period of 25 years. Researchers found that patients who consumed the highest levels of lutein and zeaxanthin were 40 percent less likely to develop the advanced form of macular degeneration than those who ate the least. Carrots, sweet potatoes, peppers and dark, leafy vegetables are excellent sources of lutein and zeaxanthin (also known as carotenoids). The macula contains high concentrations of lutein and zeaxanthin and they are known as macular pigment. The macula is protected from free radicals by the macular pigment which filters out the harmful blue light. Researchers concluded that encouraging patients to have a higher intake of a good variety of fruits and vegetables may help lessen the risk of developing the advanced form of macular degeneration. Dr. Paul Krawitz, President and Founder of Vitamin Science, recognizes the importance of carotenoids and they can be found in our VisiVite formulas.*

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