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Can Pot Control Glaucoma?

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Medical marijuana has been touted in some circles as a treatment for glaucoma. However, ophthalmologists and eye surgeons who treat glaucoma do not recommend marijuana as a therapy for the disease.
  1. There is no scientific evidence that marijuana is an effective long-term treatment and especially when it is compared to the conventional methods of treatment, which do have a proven benefit.
  2. Proponents of the drug's use point to its ability to lower intraocular pressure but that effect only lasts a few hours whereas the prescriptions available to treat glaucoma lower the pressure for a much longer period of time.
  3. Medical marijuana lowers blood pressure which in turn can lessen the flow of blood to the optic nerve which will actually increase the risk of glaucoma-related blindness.
  4. The risk of developing macular degeneration is increased two to three times whenever you smoke anything including tobacco and marijuana.
  5. The long-term use of marijuana has a profound impact on memory and causes impaired coordination and cognition which can impair everyday activities.
Glaucoma patients who are considering the use of medical marijuana for the condition need to consult with their ophthalmologists to get the facts and find out the best options available for their condition.*  

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