Astaxanthin supplements improve dry eye disease symptoms

Astaxanthin supplements improve dry eye disease symptoms

A recent study found that patients suffering from mild-to-moderate dry eye disease benefited from oral supplementation of astaxanthin.
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A recent study involving 60 middle-aged and elderly patients between the ages of 51 to 72 with mild-to-moderate dry eye disease (DED) symptoms found that their symptoms were improved with the use of astaxanthin supplementation.

The study was conducted at the Ophthalmology Department of Beijing Tongren Hospital, Capital Medical University. Study participants took two 6 mg tablets of astaxanthin twice a day, daily for a month. The participants were all diagnosed with mild-to-moderate DED.

Dry eye symptoms were documented at baseline, week 2 and week 4. Study results indicated that the ocular surface disease index score, non-invasive tear break-up time, corneal fluorescein staining, eyelid margin signs, meibomian gland expressibility, meibum quality, and blink frequency improved greatly after the 30 days of supplementation.

The study had several limitations: it was a single-group design with no-control group; it only lasted one month and the tear composition and oxidative stress were not measured so it was unknown whether astaxanthin reduced oxidation in the tear. 

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