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Alzheimer's diagnosis using an eye scan

Researchers using modified topical endoscope fundus imaging were able to diagnose Alzheimer's in the retinas of mice. Retinal tissue is similar to brain tissue and when Alzheimer's begins, it changes the way that light is reflected off the retina. This change happens long before any noticeable changes in behavior or memory occur. Currently, Alzheimer's is diagnosed from observing symptoms because the buildup of plaque, which causes the disease, cannot be seen¬†in living brains. However, once symptoms are observed, the patient has¬†already¬†lost some brain function. With the success of the study conducted by researchers at the University of Minnesota Center for Drug Design, the next step will be to test the procedure in humans. It is hoped that if this test proves to be successful that Alzheimer's will be diagnosed at a much earlier stage and treatment will be able to slow down the progression of the disease.*  

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