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6 Vision Changes You Shouldn't Ignore

There are many

There are many problems associated with the eyes that can be indicators of something far more serious, including cancer, that warrant making an appointment with your eye doctor.

In many cases, a routine eye exam can diagnose a major issue with your vision at an early stage.

Here are six changes to your eyes that you should not ignore and get checked out promptly:

  1. Bulging of an eye
  2. Shadows, flashes of light or wiggly lines in your vision
  3. Blurry vision
  4. A dark spot in your vision that gets bigger
  5. Partial or complete loss of vision
  6. A lump in your eyelid or your eye that increases in size

While all of these symptoms can have minor causes, it is important to get them evaluated by an eye care provider to rule out eye cancer or other serious eye condition.


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